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100-seat chapel

We’re pleased to announce that the expansion of the chapel at Chase and District is complete – we’re now able to cater for 120 mourners in a memorial service, allowing you to create the right send-off for your loved one.

In just three weeks, the fantastic team behind our chapel have converted it from a 30-seater venue to a beautiful, spacious and light chapel, with space for 100 seats and around 20 standing.

People and Pets ​

At Chase and District, we understand just how special pets are, which is why we’ve now got a designated area, specifically for people and their pets.

The way it works is simple:

You invest in a cremated remains plot for £400.00* and lay their ashes to rest. When the time comes you can be placed next to them.

These plots can be purchased at any time, either pre-need or at-need.  Many of our clients are making the decision to invest in their plots now, guarding against any future price rises.

A cremated remains plot allows you to lay to rest up to four cremated remains in one plot, so you can be close to the people and animals you love.

*cost of interment and headstone permit is extra and chargeable at the time. 

Traditional Funeral Without the Tradition

The average cost of a funeral in the UK is over £4,000.  That’s to have a “traditional funeral” – the cars, the pallbearers, the flowers, the funeral directors, and so on and so forth.

For many, this is the perfect send-off, and something that your loved one really wanted.

For others, it’s not.  They don’t want the big funeral, and it’s also a significant additional expense, and can cause unnecessary financial stress at a time when more stress is the last thing you want or need.

At the other end of the spectrum is a direct cremation – no service, no fanfare, just an unattended cremation, with the ashes returned to you.

Both options are right for different situations, but we’ve realised that there are many people that don’t sit at either end of the spectrum.

That’s why we came up with a “traditional funeral without the tradition”.

How does it work?

Your loved one will be picked up in the usual way, and the cremation will take place.

Once the cremation is complete, we prepare the ashes and place them on our specifically designed catafalque at the time you and your family and friends attend a service in our chapel.

You then have the opportunity to have the service you want, and then either scatter the ashes at a location that’s right for you or bury them on our site in a traditional plot, or as a tree memorial.

Then, if you want to, you can have a celebration of life service at whatever location you like all on the same day.

There are significant benefits attached to this approach:

  • The process is much quicker than a traditional funeral

  • You can arrange everything – the service, the celebration of life and the scattering or burial of ashes – to take place at the same time.

  • Everyone can experience the send-off together, rather than organising multiple get-togethers.

  • It’s a lot more affordable than a traditional funeral – just £1,500, with the only added cost being any flowers you want, and a celebration of life service if you decide you want one.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is gaining in popularity in the UK – it’s a flexible, affordable way to say goodbye, and allows you full control over your send-off.

The way it works is very simple:

  1. You get in touch with us, and let us know what you need

  2. We arrange the cremation

  3. We pick up your loved one

  4. We carry out the cremation

  5. You get their ashes delivered back to you in just a few days, or we can scatter them for you, if you prefer

Chase and District Memorial Park think it’s important to offer our local community the full range of options for you to decide how you want to say goodbye to your loved one.

Pre-purchase full Burial Plots

Also known as pre-need burial plots, we’ve allocated a limited number of plots available to purchase pre-need for £1,000*.

This allows you to take care of one of the most significant costs associated with your death ahead of time, taking the financial pressure off your family when the time comes and protecting yourself against price increases and inflation.

*Cost of interment and headstone permit is extra and chargeable at the time

Pre-purchase Cremated remains plots

We’ve also allocated a limited number of cremated remains plots that you can buy pre-need for £300*.

Similarly, this means you can reserve and pay for a plot ahead of need, guarding against price increases and inflation, and reducing the financial burden on your family during an emotionally challenging time.

Pre-paid Funeral Plans

We’ve partnered with Open Prepaid Funeral Plans, allowing you to pay for your entire funeral ahead of time, combatting inflation, and removing stress and financial burden for your loved ones at a time when they could really do without it.


Our beautiful cemetery is situated in a peaceful, tranquil part of the Burntwood area, mere minutes from the attractive Chasewater reservoir.

Conveniently located close to the M6 and A5, it’s easily accessible, while still being far enough ‘out of the way’ to be exceptionally quiet and serene

The spacious plots we offer allow you to lay your loved one to rest in a calm and picturesque setting, which you can regularly return to in order to pay your respects and demonstrate your love.

In 2023 we will be continuing to improve the cemetery, planting lots of trees and shrubs, as well as re-designing an area near the chapel with a RHS show garden.

Natural Woodland Area

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our cemetery and make it more attractive and interesting for people to visit.

One such improvement is a natural woodland area – a designated space at the top of our site, where we’ll be planting trees and shrubs, and offering memorial trees and shrubs for cremated remains plots.


Our crematorium was built and completed in August 2022 after, what could be described as quite a significant delay!

The crematorium is set to the right of our site and offers the facility to witness the cremation if this is your wish.

The cremator equipment is state-of-the-art and has all the latest abatement systems to ensure we are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

Our ongoing commitment – a note from John

My name’s John Connell and I’m the owner at Chase and District.  Chase and District has been a labour of love for me – I’ve worked incredibly hard to get us to a place where we can serve the local community, and I’m not going to stop here.

As you can see from the extensive list of our plans for 2023, we’re never going to stop innovating and improving, all with the aim of serving our community better.

Plus, in today’s climate, we continue to be committed to providing the most affordable services possible, without compromising on quality or respect.

I’m incredibly grateful to be able to be in this position to serve, and I assure you that I will continue to take this responsibility seriously, every single day.

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