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We provide a warm and tranquil environment for you to celebrate the life of your loved one with stunning grounds where you can come and feel close to them.

Our Chapel

Our beautiful chapel is spacious and light situated within 8 acres of land, with low ceilings that give the chapel the element of intimacy, and we can seat 100 people with plenty of standing space for approximately 20 more people comfortably. 

We offer a variety of services; funeral services, memorial services and chapel hire. Our full length services are either 40 or 60 minutes long which can be booked on the hour from 10:00am until 4:00pm. Alternatively, we also offer 15 minute services for a lower fee 8:45am, 9:00am and 9:15am everyday from Monday to Friday.

In addition, we have the latest Obitus media facilities and we can display photo tributes, with Live & on demand, families can share a secure link with others to watch the service with the option to view online for a further 28 days if family members are unable to attend on the day.

If you like to know more about our chapel or would like to arrange a visit please call the office on 01543 241080.

Chase and District Crematorium & Memorial Park provides surrounding communities of Burntwood with a peaceful setting for funeral and remembrance services, helping you give your loved ones the dignity and respect they deserve in a place where you can visit and feel close to them.

Our Crematorium & Memorial Park is conveniently situated west of the A5195 M6 Toll exit, adjacent to Chasewater Country Park. We have car parking facilities with an over flow car park if required

Our professional and dedicated team will guide you and support you in any way they can through this difficult time.

When visiting our memorial park you will be welcomed by James, Moira Dip FD and Darren who will guide you through any services you may require.



Our peaceful and serene cemetery is situated in a quiet and tranquil part of the Burntwood area, adjacent to Chasewater Country Park. 

We have different sections within the cemetery; full burial, cremated remains, Garden of Remembrance for the scattering of ashes, pets and people and a woodland area where you can purchase a tree and have ashes scattered. All plots are available to pre-purchase if you wish to reserve a grave for peace of mind.

Conveniently located on the A5195 by the M6 Toll entry/exit and close to the A5 which makes us easily accessible from practically anywhere in England.

With 8 acres of burial ground you are able to lay your loved one to rest in a calm and picturesque setting which can be regularly visited 24hrs of the day.

Our in-house maintenance team take pride in the cemetery and work hard maintaining the cemetery, making sure the cemetery looks beautiful and tidy every day of the year.

If you like to know more about our cemetery or would like to arrange a visit please call the office on 01543 241080.

Pre-purchase full burial & cremated remains plots

We have allocated a limited number of plots available to purchase pre-need to enable you to secure a resting place for peace of mind.

This allows you to take care of one of the most significant costs associated with your funeral ahead of time, taking the financial pressure off your family when the time comes.

*Cost of interment and headstone permit is extra and chargeable at the time

If you would like to know more about pre-purchasing a grave or would like to arrange an appointment please call the office on 01543 241080.

My daughter and I are very close, so when the day comes I’m no longer with her, I want to make it as easy for her as possible. Chase & District took the time to explain all the different options to me and I felt like a weight had been lifted.

Rose – Lichfield

People and Pets ​

We are a nation of animal lovers and here at Chase & District Memorial Park we understand that our pets are more than just pets, they become part of the family.
This is why we have designated a Pets & People section for those wishing to be cremated and buried alongside their pets. 

Alternatively, if you already have plans for your own final resting place, these plots can be used just for your beloved pets.

Each plot can have up to four sets of cremated remains (casket size depending) which can be pre-purchased at today’s prices or purchased at the time of need, ensuring one day you can be reunited.

We are unable to carry out the actual cremation of your pet here at Chase & District, but we can guide you in the direction of a fully licensed pet crematorium where the cremation can take place.

If you would like to know more call us on 01543 241080, email hello@chaseanddistrict.com, visit www.chaseanddistrict.com or simply come along to the cemetery and speak to one of the team for further information

*cost of interment and headstone permit is extra and chargeable at the time of need. 

Letters to Heaven

Within our grounds we have a Post Box called ‘Letters to Heaven’ where you can post letters or cards to loved ones who have passed away and where you can have a quiet moment of reflection. Anyone can use our post box as there is 24 hour access to the grounds all year round.

Direct and Direct Plus

At Chase and District we offer two types of direct cremation services. A direct service means the funeral director will take the coffin straight to the cremator building situated to the east part of the site and bypass the chapel completely. Our direct plus includes a short 15 minute chapel service at set times if you’d like some time to reflect. 

Our ongoing commitment – From John

My name’s John Connell and I’m the owner of Chase and District.  Chase and District we have worked incredibly hard to get us to a place where we can serve the local community.

Myself and my team will continue innovating and improving, serving the Burntwood community and surrounding areas.

In today’s current climate, we continue to be committed to providing the most affordable services possible, without compromising on quality or respect.

I’m incredibly grateful to be able to be in this position to serve the community, and I assure you that we will continue to take this responsibility seriously, every single day.

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    We are a privately owned Cemetery in Burntwood, on the edge of Lichfield and Walsall.

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